First Saturday Class

Every month there is a special First Saturday Class from 10:00–11:00 AM.

This class is taught by Malory Sensei, and sets the training theme for the coming month.


Saturday, March 17, 1-3pm
The focus of this workshop will be on fundamental principles of ukemi and good practice technique for improvement. We will talk about the full role of uke: giving a good attack, staying connected, and receiving techniques and taking falls. Everyone will get an opportunity to examine their own ukemi and will be given some practical exercises to help improve any identified weaknesses. $40 
All members are welcome. Taught by Daniel Top, Sandan.
Saturday, March 24, 1-3pm
Join us for the fall ikebana workshop with Charles Coghlan of Hana Designs Ikebana. $35 per person, all materials included. Limit 16 participants, so sign up at the dojo early. Reserve your spot with check, cash, or auto-dues payment.


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