How to Join

Practicing Aikido can have a profound effect on your physical presence in the world. With consistent training, you will notice your body getting stronger and your mind becoming more focused. It is not only a practical art for self-defense, but a means to integrate one’s body, mind, and spirit. Aikido is practiced by people of all ages, and many Aikido students find it so rewarding that they continue practicing for years or even decades.

New students and students who need a refresher after a long break, are encouraged to enroll in our startup package, which includes two months of basic classes and a gi, or training uniform.

1. Watch a class

If you don’t have any previous Aikido experience, observe a basics class and meet the instructor before joining. 

2. Register

Sign up and pay for your membership online. Military/LEO/student discounts are available. Contact us for more information.

3. Pick up gear

Pick up your uniform and your intro packet. You can pick these up, register, and pay on the same day you are ready to start.

4. Attend a class

Arrive 15 minutes early for an orientation. During your first class, you’ll learn basic skills such as how to fall safely before you start learning techniques. 

What to expect

Once you join Seattle Aikikai as a beginner, you will receive individual instruction on basic skills, such as basic etiquette, footwork, striking, rolling, and falling. As you progress, you will be fully integrated into the classes and receive group and individual instruction on basic techniques until you have reached a skill level where you can join the All Levels classes. All students are expected to help clean and maintain the dojo.

The people you will train with are not opponents, but training partners. There are no winners and losers in Aikido. Your partner will take care with your physical well-being and make sure that you are not harmed.