New to Aikido? How to Start

We are excited to welcome you into the Seattle Aikikai community. Here’s how to start!

First, come to the dojo and watch a class at either of our two locations. Then, if you’re ready, you can sign up for a free trial class. If you prefer a more structured introduction, we offer a Beginners’ Series several times a year. Our next Beginners’ Series is not yet scheduled.

We believe that every person can practice Aikido. As a beginner, you’ll receive individual instruction on basic skills, such as conditioning, etiquette, and footwork. As you progress, you’ll receive group and individual instruction on basic techniques, and be able to attend any class.

Please review our COVID policies before registering for any class.

1. Choose a class

Visit our Zen Planner site. You can attend any basics class as your free trial.

2. Register

Fill out the registration form and create your account. You’ll receive a confirmation email once you have registered.


3. What to wear

Dress in clothing suitable for exercise (long pants which allow you to move and protect your knees from abrasions are preferred).

4. Attend your class

Arrive 15 minutes early to receive an orientation and instruction on basic class etiquette.


Membership Options

We believe Aikido should be available to anyone who wants to train, regardless of income. We acknowledge that there are inequities in our society. To that end, we offer three tiers of membership dues to help make Aikido more accessible. If you are unsure of where you fit, check out The Sliding Scale: A Tool of Economic Justice. In addition, we offer scholarships and discounts. Contact us for more information on those options.

Basic $130

Basic adult monthly membership includes unlimited classes at all locations.

Premium $150

Premium memberships allow us to offer financial support to students experiencing financial hardship. This membership option includes unlimited classes at all locations, two private lessons each year, and free admission to any of our workshops.

Subsidized $100

Subsidized memberships allow students with limited financial resources or financial hardship to attend classes. Still too much? Contact us and we can help!


Drop-in Visitors may register with the “Drop-in Daily” option.


Register your child for our Kids’ Program using the “Kid Monthly” membership below. If you are enrolling multiple children, please contact us, so we can apply the family discount to your membership.