Students lined up at kids class

By practicing Aikido, children acquire important life skills, as well as physical fitness and coordination. They learn the value of focus, teamwork, leadership, and discipline – not as abstract concepts, but through hands-on experience. Aikido naturally supports social-emotional learning through partner practice and a one-room-schoolhouse environment. Our kids’ program is designed for ages 6 and older. Teens are also welcome to join our adult classes. Aikido classes may be used for PE credits. Contact us for more information.

“Before joining the Dojo, my son would question his physical abilities. A sign of his confidence in his ability is that he no longer questions his ability and in fact uses his Aikido training and approach in other aspects of his life. Seattle Aikikai is not just a Dojo where one learns the practice of Aikido, but a community. We are grateful to have found it!”
– Sanjay K.

“Aikido is a unique martial art that focuses on our relationships with others and ourselves with power and peace. I brought my kids to aikido to learn from others how to live well in the world, how to be responsible and disciplined, and cherish community. They found friends, support, and a ‘way’ that is their own path. We are grateful!!!”
– Seattle Aikikai parent

Kids Membership

With a monthly membership, a child may attend any of our kids classes. Kids classes are held at our Capitol Hill location three days a week. See the full schedule here.

First Child
$115 monthly

Additional Children
$100 monthly per child